Our school

Something about our school

We little Angels Nursery School was established in June 2006 and within the span of 10 years. We have 300+ students with 3 branches and is still growing.

Our school started with full vigious & enthusiasm to our very best to make our preschool like second home for kids. A place where your child feel safe & secure they can explore, discover and learn more about this huge world.

We make sure that get the best every step. We have variety of activities in pre-school. They deeper their roots by learning about our values & culture through festivals & celebrations. We are taking many competition like sports day, story telling, Elocution, Rhymes and many more.

The teacher play vital role in achieving the aims and objectives of the students and bring out their hidden talents. teacher are the best on this earth because you gives wings to your child, but teacher teaching them, how to fly. Childhood is full of innocence they live each and every moments naturally. Parents and teacher like track of railway, child get proper guidance from both of them. Their journey to the success become easy. As education play vital role in a life. As we all know every cloud has a silver lining and each child is unique.

With great joy & satisfaction I wish you a wonderful reading the magazine dealing into the joy our and inquisition world of our children.

1)Play group:
Age group 1.5yr to 2yr
In our play-group curriculum our our trained staff will do their level best to help the child in learning good habbits,toilet learning,eating habbits and they will also be taught the magical wordslike thank you, sorry ,please etc. They are taught to recognize easy shapes,saying their home,recognization of genders,day & height etc.

Age group 2 ½ yrs and 3 ½ yrs
Our nursery program provides different methods to improve the motor skills required fotr writing,drawing activities.with the help of completant teachers

3)Junior KG:
Age group
Our Jr. kg curriculum develop various communication skills,reading skill with the help of various teaching aids.Introduction of mathematical skill is also being given.

4)Senior KG:
Age group:
Our sr kg program helps to develop skills required to face the primary school education. Each childs given an opportunity to bring out their inner quialities to be extrovert.Children are trained in mock interviews to face the interview procedure